Famous Lawsuits Against Illegal Downloading

Famous Lawsuits Against Illegal Downloading

The entertainment and media industry has been taking serious hits regarding illegal downloading of music and videos throughout the past decade. Various websites have been nabbed for providing individuals tools for downloading movies that are currently still in theaters, for downloading album after album of popular, mainstream music.  Illegal downloading is one criminal action that has continued to climb in rate, even with the number of lawsuits going around.
One of the most famous sets a lawsuits regarding illegal downloading was the RIAA lawsuits that occurred. The RIAA company had decided to take matters into their own hands regarding illegal downloading; this particular label threatened legal recourse and filed hundreds to thousands of illegal downloading lawsuits.  In doing so, the company has received over a million dollars in settlements, but has spent over 64 million for lawsuits and investigative services.  This was an issue of a record company going against the people.
Another famous illegal downloading lawsuit was one which Metallica filed against Napster, because Napster had put their music up on the website and allowed for it to be downloaded, thus taking money away from them and lowering their sales. The basis of the lawsuits surrounded issues of copyright infringement and piracy.
 A settlement was eventually reached regarding the Metallica vs. Napster case; after the legal proceedings, Napster went back and renovated the way that it conducts business.  Even now, more companies that are pirating music and movies are getting caught up in legal actions, and the trend appears to be continuing the same way.

An Overview of Different Aspects of Lawsuits

An Overview of Different Aspects of Lawsuits


Lawsuit Background

A lawsuit is a formal legal action that is taken by a plaintiff in order to seek legal action. There are different types of lawsuits like a civil lawsuit which is a lawsuit seeking some type of compensation for a wrongdoing. A lawsuit is argued by both parties found in court. 

Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are lawsuits that are charges that are filed as one claim by a number of individuals. This is where a company who has committed a wrong doing can be accused by a group of individuals who have suffered because of them. Often, when it comes to compensation, class action suits are hard to give equal compensation to each individual.

Was there a lawsuit disputing the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate?

There was a lawsuit brought to Federal court by Phillip Berg, who accused President Obama of being legally born in the United States. Under this claim, he insisted that Obama was an unfit candidate for the Presidency.

Lawsuit Lawyers

Lawsuit lawyers are individuals who are trained the legal process. These are individuals that can help file lawsuits and prepare the cases for testimony in court.

Injury Lawsuit

An injury lawsuit is a lawsuit that can be brought about because of an injury that has occurred which is not on the fault of the injured person. These types of lawsuits have a statute of limitations, and require evidence of liability or negligence on the defendant’s part.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit is a legal action that has been filed those who have been injured in a workplace or in a public area. The most common aspect argued in a personal injury lawsuit is that there was a type of negligence that caused the injury to occur, one which could have been prevented through proper means.


A client is an individual who seeks out legal counsel when it comes to lawsuits and trials. In some cases, lawyers have steady clientele that contract the individual to deal with all of the legal matters regarding an individual’s business.

What are some frivolous lawsuits?

A frivolous lawsuit is a lawsuit that is filed under false accusations or is one that simply cannot be processed because of what it alleges. One case considered to be most frivolous was when a man service an extensive sentence in jail drew up over 3,000 lawsuits towards celebrities and famous individuals, under completely unfounded charges.

Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit loans and funding is money that is given through a firm in order to fund legal proceedings that are necessary in order for an individual to secure financial stability and receive compensation.

Civil Lawsuit

A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit filed regarding dispute between two bodies, in which the plaintiff will often accuse the defendant of breaking a contract or of not paying the individual money that is owed. These are considered to be more domestic in nature; often they are heard during a bench trial, which is a trial in which only a judge presides.

Mesothelioma Lawsuit

A Mesothelioma lawsuit is a lawsuit filed on behalf of an individual who has developed Mesothelioma, because of an exposure to Asbestos for a prolonged period of time. These have become one of the most important types of lawsuits because they regard compensation regarding health issues.

Was there a lawsuit against the band Coldplay?

There was a lawsuit against the band Coldplay; it was filed by a musician named Joe Satriani. This musician heard the song Viva La Vida and recognized music that he had previously written for one of his songs. He filed the lawsuit stating that Coldplay had plagiarized some of this music.  The issue was settled outside of court.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice lawsuits are legal actions taken by individuals who have been victims of medical malpractice; this is either someone who has physically been hurt by malpractice or is a family member of someone who died.  In these cases, the important aspect is being able to prove that some type of negligence or wrongful act occurred on the health care professional’s part.

Lawsuit Settlements

Lawsuit settlements are resolutions that can be done outside of court. In a lawsuit settlement the plaintiff’s party is the one that typically makes the conditions that are used to judge the compensation. The defendants part has to meet the criteria and negotiate were applicable.

Was there a lawsuit against the Microsoft Corporation?

In recent history there has been a lawsuit against Microsoft regarding false pretenses in which they got customers to download a particular software. This software was meant to collect information regarding the computers, but was advertised as a security device.

How to file a lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit is a procedure that requires the help of a lawyer. A lawyer can give legal advice regarding the plan of action which would work best in an individual’s circumstances. Filing a lawsuit also requires writing up legal paperwork, filing it, and providing evidence for court.

 Asbestos Lawsuit

An asbestos lawsuit is a lawsuit that is brought forth by individuals or family members of someone who has gotten ill because of Asbestos contact. There are many Asbestos lawyers throughout the nation, who are well versed in the legal issues regarding asbestos.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit is a lawsuit that can be done in order for individuals to seek compensation regarding the death of their family member. The most important factor here is being able to prove negligence and liability of the medical professional.

What are some examples of lawsuits against illegal downloading of music and movies?

There have been many lawsuits regarding illegal downloading of music and movies. Two of the most famous lawsuits have been from RIAA suing a number of customers, and the infamous case of Metallica vs. Napster.

What are Class Action Lawsuits?

What are Class Action Lawsuits?

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit that is filed on behalf of a body of individuals who have been wronged in some fashion. When it comes to the way class action lawsuits work, it is dependent upon the crime that is actually being sued over. 
Different scenarios in which a class action lawsuit is applicable are: deaths or injury related to products, false claims regarding products, and in regards to workers of a company, class action lawsuits can be filed if individuals have been wronged by illegal actions regarding salary or discriminatory practices with regards to hiring of workers.
The death or injury related class action lawsuits do not have to be brought on by individuals who are working in the company; these can be brought on by families of the individuals who have been killed or injured. Class action lawsuits are important because they often involve numerous plaintiffs; however, not all plaintiffs are secured the same types of compensation. The compensation is often distributed per individual, in regards the severity of what they have suffered.
In a class action law suit, the resolution can come about during a trial or it can be settled outside of court, in order to alleviate the publicity that a trial would cause. The company that has the class action lawsuit against then can either be made to pay for the individual plaintiff’s damages and cases, or they can end up pay for the overall issue that they have caused.

Lawsuit Disputing Validity Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

Lawsuit Disputing Validity Of Obama's Birth Certificate

In the United States lawsuits come about every day; in some cases lawsuits can be brought up against the most powerful and public individuals in the nation. One such instance in recent history was the lawsuit brought up by Phillip Berg of Pennsylvania against the then Democratic candidate for Presidency Barack Obama.
In the Berg lawsuit, Mr. Berg alleged that candidate Obama could not legally run for President of the United States because it was reported born outside of the United States. Regarding this allegation of Obama’s citizenship lawsuit, there were several nations named in which it was believed President Obama to be born in.
The Obama birth certificate lawsuit was brought to the chambers of Federal Judge Barclay Surrick; Surrick entertained the initial issues regarding the Berg lawsuit, but he dismissed the case because be deemed that there was no way in which an individual can bring this type of claim against another regarding candidacy without being able to show some type of personal injury that has occurred. The dismissal of Obama’s citizenship lawsuit was accompanied with a number of different instances in legal history, in which questions of citizenship were challenged regarding public officials.
Furthermore, Judge Surrick stated the necessity for the United States Congress to uphold the Constitution and to spend more time insuring that candidates are fit to run for Presidency before the matter moves forward.

How To File A Lawsuit

How To File A Lawsuit

First off, it is important to decide whether or not the compensation is worth the lawsuit; in cases of small claims, the compensation might not amount to much and can be even less regarding the legal dues. However, for claims of property or wrongdoing in which there are higher compensation standards, the individual has every right to sue.
Consulting a lawyer regarding filing a lawsuit is imperative; this is because the lawyer has a broad knowledge-base of the legal system and rights of individuals. The lawyer can help decide what specifically to sue for. The lawyer can also help to figure out of the individual is within the legal rights to be able to sue; in some instances, an person can wait too long to file a lawsuit and not be able to once time runs out.
Should the individual be able to file a lawsuit, the lawyer can draw up the legal paperwork and explain the claims that the individual is asking for. Lawyers can help to give a legal briefing regarding the entirety of the legal process. 
Furthermore, the lawyer can help to organize and examine the evidence that the plaintiff to support the allegations of wrong-doing. If the evidence is admissible, the lawyer will be able to use this in court. Once the papers are filed for the lawsuit, it is just a matter of waiting for the court to clear the paperwork and issue a date for the trial to begin.

Understanding Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Understanding Wrongful Death Lawsuits

A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal action that can be taken by the family of an individual who is believed to have died because of negligence or some other type of wrongful act regarding the person’s health. Often the family members who are allowed to take this type of action are parents, spouses, or children of the deceased individual.

Often a wrongful death lawsuit is considered to be a civil case that in which the family sues for some type of monetary compensation that is owed to them, as a result of the death of the individual. One example of this is in regards to cases where a spouse dies prematurely or wrongfully, and was the primary breadwinner of the family. The money that can be sought for in the wrongful death lawsuit can be money that goes to paying the hospital bills and household bills that the family incurs.

When it comes to filing a wrongful death lawsuit it is imperative to understand the main aspects that are looked at in these suits. First, regarding the death of the individual; it is imperative that there is some evidence of negligence or of a deliberate act that caused harm and subsequent death. There is also the need to seek out the liability of the individual, to insure that they can be sued for wrongful death.

Then the individuals filing the wrongful death lawsuit must calculate the monetary needs of the family and what they are owed. Finally, the case must be presented on trial in order to come to a resolution, if a settlement cannot be reached beforehand.

What do Lawsuit Lawyers Do?

What do Lawsuit Lawyers Do?

A lawsuit lawyer is an individual that works on the preparation of a lawsuit, the defense of the lawsuit in court, and various other elements that are required in order for legal proceeding to occur. When an individual wants to file a lawsuit, the first step is often to call in a lawsuit lawyer.
A lawsuit lawyer is an individual who has formally studied law and is well versed in the legal rights of individuals, of organizations, and the proceedings of the law. Lawsuit lawyers can give those filing lawsuits good advice regarding what type of lawsuit they should be filing for, what the probability there is to winning, and if there are any alternatives that would bring a more favorable outcome.
The lawsuit lawyer draws up the legal documents and submits them to the court on behalf of the plaintiff; should there be sufficient evidence the lawsuit can be brought to court. There, the lawsuit lawyer formally represents their client and presents the case.
A lawsuit attorney is an individual who can help represent individuals from either the plaintiff or the defendant side of the court. In working on the defendant’s side, the lawsuit attorney has to show sufficient evidence that the defendant was not involved or that there was a different guilty party to blame. 
The lawsuit lawyers present all evidence and cross-examine witnesses and testimonies until every piece is exhausted. From there, the trial moves into the hands of the jury or the judge, depending on the type of trial.

Understanding Personal Injury Lawsuits

Understanding Personal Injury Lawsuits


A personal injury lawsuit is a lawsuit that can be filed by individuals who have suffered an injury and believe that another party is responsible for the causation of the injury, and should pay the compensation that is owed to the individual.

When a person is injured and it is through the fault of another individual because of negligence this is grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. The individual filing for the lawsuit is known as the plaintiff. This is the person who has been injured and is seeking compensation in from the other party.

A personal injury lawyer can be employed to help formulate the case against the defendant; the first steps would be to look over the evidence and gauge what type of legal action should be taken. Some personal injury lawsuits can be settled out of court; this is the preferable option because it allows for quick resolution and avoids the necessity of a trial.

However, if a resolution for the personal injury lawsuit cannot be reached through negotiations of the defendant and plaintiff’s lawyers, then the lawsuit can be moved to a trial. At a trial both sides plead their cases and present all of the evidence they have asserting their innocence and condemning the actions of the other party.

In a personal injury lawsuit, the individual plaintiff must prove that the defendant was in face negligent regarding behavior and was the cause of the injury to the plaintiff.

How Clients Benefit Lawyers

How Clients Benefit Lawyers

A client is an individual who enlists the help of a lawyer in regards to legal proceedings. Clients can either be plaintiffs or defendants regarding legal cases; furthermore there can be more than one client being represented by a specific lawyer during a case. 
In cases where the defendant does not have his or her own legal representation, the legal system can appoint a lawyer to them. This individual then becomes the client and has legal representation to work for them in regards to proving their innocence.
When it comes to high-profile lawyers, as in individuals who were with celebrities and for large companies, these individuals often have a clientele. A clientele is a grouping of individuals our companies that enlist the services of a lawyer; often this lawyer is kept with a sizable retainer and is called on for all their legal matters.
Having a steady clientele can help keep up the reputation of a lawyer in a particular district, and allow them the freedom to practice legal issues on a case to case basis outside of the clientele.
Clients who enlist a lawyer are individuals who require serious legal help regarding the legal process, understanding paperwork, and arguing their cases before a court. In some instances, if a lawyer loses a case, the client does not have to pay a fee to the lawyer. However, if a lawyer wins a case for an individual, they often require a sizable sum for their efforts.

Examples Of Frivolous Lawsuits

Examples Of Frivolous Lawsuits

Frivolous lawsuits are lawsuits that are made without substantial evidence or merit; these are claims that are filed in which they cannot be proven and often are fictitious altogether. Frivolous lawsuits are frowned upon by the government at all levels because they waste the time of individuals who are involved and they cost the judicial system money for cases in which cannot be continued.
Throughout legal history there have been a number of frivolous lawsuits that have been filed. Some merely lack common sense, while others are completely fictitious in nature and have made a mockery of the judicial system.
One instance where frivolous lawsuits have gotten out of hand is in regards a federal inmate named Jonathan Lee Riches; this individual was sentences to prison over a decade ago when he was convicted of a credit card scam. Since the time when he was put in jail, Mr. Riches has written up and filed over 3,000 law suits.
Each of the frivolous lawsuits that he has crafted and sent out has been against famous individuals in the United States; people that Mr. Riches has never met before. Among the celebrities that Mr. Riches has tried to sue are: Michael Vick, Martha Stewart, and even the former President of the United States, George W. Bush.
However, in a change of events, Mr. Riches is now being sued by federal officials in an attempt to get him to stop filing numerous frivolous lawsuits. This and many other frivolous lawsuits have occurred throughout the nation.